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Create your own branded mobile app

With your own branded mobile app you can improve your sales and customer retention, stay connected with your customers and give them more access to manage their stuff in storage and at home...helping you to grow your business.​

The Binsto platform is not merely a mobile app for your tenants.  When you partner with Binsto, you're investing in your business's future.  You will receive a comprehensive solution that combines product innovation and marketing services, data-driven consulting, training, and ongoing support.

Your tenants get the tools they need to manage their belongings.  In the process, your investment in Binsto enables the following benefits, while increases the likelihood of your tenants becoming long-time customers.

Partner Benefits

Binsto's Partner Co-Branding Solution is designed to provide our partners with the sales tools and resources to ensure partners achieve their business goals, including:

  • Grow your revenue

  • Improve customer loyalty

  • Increase customer engagement and retention

  • Improve acquisition and lifetime value

  • Lower the average age of your customer base

  • Retain more of your existing relationships


It's Simple! 

Getting your own branded app is easier than you might think.

We’ll have yours ready to go in a few convenient steps.

Frequently asked questions.

How customized is the app to my business?

Your branded app will be completely designed to match your business colors, logos and images. Our team collaborates closely with you to make it uniquely yours, and customized to meet your business needs. You can add your specific products and services that you would like to offer your clients to purchase directly in the app.

How will a branded app help me increase bookings and revenue at my business?


With a dedicated branded app, your customers’ experience with your business is greatly enhanced —they’re one tap away from booking and buying your services and products. Binsto partner businesses use their branded apps to cross sell and up sell additional products, including additional storage space.

How will my customers know about my branded app? Will Binsto help me market it?


The most effective way for your customers to learn about your branded app is to hear about it directly from you and your staff. We’ll provide you with a unique link you can send to them via SMS text, where customers will be directed to download the app from your custom landing page we create for you.

What are push notifications and how do I use them?

A push notification is a instant message that you write and send from your branded app dashboard that will go out to everyone who has your branded app installed and has agreed to receive your messages. The messages appear directly on a user's app home screen. When a customer interacts with the notification, they’re taken directly into your app. Binsto businesses use push notifications to promote new products or services, seasonal promotions, special events, deals and discounts for loyal customers.

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