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Smart Labels™

Smart Labels are the way that the Binsto app helps you keep track of your stuff. We give you several ways to label your items and containers, each method being convenient in different situations:

  • "Sharpie Style". No printing labels, just write the Binsto-generated code on your item or bin. When you tap "+" and add a bin, Binsto automatically generates a label ID that you can write on an item or bin. 

  • Bulk labels. Tap Print Labels from the Profile screen. You will then be able to choose a label format and print out your own sets of bar-coded Smart Labels™ that you can apply to items and bins. After you apply a bulk label, tap "+" to add the bin or item to your Binsto app.

  • Individual labels. You can also print out individual detailed labels for items and bins that show information about the item or bin: tags, images, etc.

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