For self storage companies and property managers


•  Subscription pricing: $12,500 per year

•  Implementation fee: $500 one time

Payment Options

Annual plan: $10,000 per year for a one year subscription

•  20% discount with a one time payment upon signing agreement


Monthly plan: $12,500 per year (or $1,041.33 per month) for a one year subscription

One year subscription billed monthly

Binsto Solution

The Binsto solution for self storage and property managers consists of a commercial license to the Binsto platform and branded mobile application with custom integrated marketing and support services.

     Co-Branded Marketing Services 

•  Branded  iOS mobile app (Android coming soon!)

•  Branded landing page

•  Welcome eMail to current customer base

•  Customer brochure

•  Press release

•  Social media content

    Support Services                

•  Training (one time at implementation)

•  Relationship manager

•  Shared service team

•  Marketing specialist

•  Monthly business reviews

•  Monthly reporting

Simple and transparent pricing

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